The agriturismo You Ninfea is happily inserted in the low hill Massarosese to few kilometers from the Lake of Massaciuccoli and from the Coast of the Versilia. The guests will have the possibility to live to full the uncontaminated nature of these places and you/they can visit besides the splendid civilizations of " flowers of lotus" and "ninfee" (only in Italy) of here the agriturismo You Ninfea is also manufacturing. Thanks


The ninfea NYMPHEA is native of Asia and belongs to the family of the Nynphaeaceaes.They are marshy plants rizomatose with great and ornamental flowers.The ninfees are distinguished in rustic, that withstand to the most rigid temperatures, tropical that they have need of cares and raised temperatures instead the whole year. You/they can be diurnal and nighttime. The diurnal ones bud in the daytime and they begin to close him in the late afternoon, instead the nighttime ones, to the co


The fior of lotus or Nelumbo nucifera is a native plant of the asia that grows in the stagnant waters. It has leaves of green color and peltate and for this characteristic cleaning up remain always. The leaves also emerge from the water for over 1 meter with a diameter that can reach the 60 cms. The in bloom bud once to the center it allows to glimpse a fruit, initially small and of yellow color, then with the time it grows and it becomes green. This fru

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